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The Art of Immersion


Improve Service Operations

Augmented reality and virtual reality aid field service organizations by offering a detailed digital visualization of the asset and the steps required to advocate malfunctions, reducing time to train new staff. Leveraging AR/VR in field service operations reduces the skill gap between newer and senior technicians or engineers, enabling real-time knowledge transfer between them. AR/VR devices enable remote diagnosis and repair while minimizing travel costs and dependence on skilled technicians to be onsite. Besides, these devices boost service operations by increasing technical response time and return to service time via remote work order resolution.

Virtual Configurator

3D Configurator

3D visualization of the exterior and interior design of machines or machinery is a real challenge as CAD data is continuously evolving. We help meet this challenge with optimized tessellation and optimization tools for CGI and real-time applications. Fast, light, efficient and above all flexible, we customize the process according to the customer’s request. We are very responsive to develop new features and meet needs. We produce a very large CAD dataset from different sources in Virtual Reality. The performance and simplicity of this process allows it to be used by a variety of departments for different applications. Experience with 3D data at 1: 1 scale adds real value to existing methods.

The smartest way to build AR

Easy-to-use Augmented
Reality content platform that enables
enterprises to create interactive manuals and
documentation for maintenance, operations
and training based on existing CAD data. No
external experts or coding required.

Assess to Procedures

Training employees is essential for any business that values a competent workforce able to efficiently follow procedures and processes. But, training an employee can be costly and may require more time to train new employees. It minimizes a company’s capability of responding to staff shortages and skill gaps. The implementation of AR/VR technology for the on-job training program may help in the fast development of skills and better retention of training information that is likely to make the workforce proficient at handling their job results better.

Remote Troubleshooting

AR/VR is accelerating the process of troubleshooting. It helps in diagnosing the issues in less time. And when an engineer requires some help, a senior could easily help over a live video from any part of the world.

An AR/VR content library can also be built to deliver all the important repair data through the augmented reality and virtual reality platforms. This helps the technician/engineer to understand the issue quickly, reduce error rates, omit downtime and reduce operational costs to a great extent.

Product Assembly

The use of AR/VR wearable simplifies the complex process of assembly and disassembly of parts. Detailed information could be provided to the engineer in a graphical form for an easy and quick understanding of a complicated assembly process. It can guide with step-by-step directions via an AR/VR headset for quicker resolution.

Displays Real-time Data

AR/VR helps enable a field service technician to view real-time data of the equipment for servicing, remote partnerships, and support from an expert. This helps in the timely resolution of problems.