The Art of Immersion


An effective work station / A full range of exercices

Thanks to VIRTUAL INDUS, your students evolve in an environment that recreates an ultra-realistic work site. Equipped with an immersive headset and joysticks, your trainees interact with the environment and execute their tasks in a totally safe way.


These 2 modules are created to train on how to ensure the production follow-up related to the analysis of the indicators, production parameters and product specifications, and on how to obtain an electrical accreditation.

The learning variables

Thanks to VULCAN, you can create users’ profiles for your trainees or groups of trainees. The difficulty level chosen for an exercise determines the guidance conditions for the trainee: the higher the difficulty, the more autonomous the student in carrying out his exercise.

The system also follows in real-time the exercise execution time, the respect of safety recommandations, the relevance of the equipment choice and the theoretical knowledge acquisition thanks to MCQs.

VULCAN allows you to fully customize your training paths and to adapt your exercises depending on each trainee’s performances.


VULCAN is the manual skills tracking platform from Mimbus, allows managing all your simulators dedicated to vocational skills learning.

Save a significant amount of time by rapidly and easily setting your training paths and exercises, directly from the platform.VULCAN analyzes your trainees’s performances with precision and in real-time while they are executing an exercise.

Virtual Indus Production and Maintenance

Production monitoring module

Your trainees will have to ensure the production monitoring and to pilot the production line using control charts.

Electrical maintenance module

Your trainees will have to carry out a corrective maintenance intervention on the system to avoid production interruption.

Virtual Indus Electricity

Electrical accreditation module

This electrical accreditation prepares your trainees for different operations, such as Cap dispenser contractor replacement, Three-phase power outlet replacement… and more!

Virtual Indus HVAC

Refrigerant accreditation module

Prepare your trainee to properly handle refrigerant fluids for your HVAC training. The module is composed of 3 learning phases:

Recovery of refrigerant Fluid

Pressurisation and Evacuation

Refrigerant fluid charge


Virtual Construct

Virtual Construct

Advancing in prevention means reducing the risk of accidents. With VIRTUAL CONSTRUCT, experience and assess the occupational risks of construction trades in complete safety, in a very realistic and totally immersive way! Virtual reality in the service of safety:

Multiply the practice time of your learners – Reduce the risk of occupational accidents

Boost the recruitment of the sector

Improve the performance of your learners or employees – Develop the attractiveness of the training thanks to virtual reality

Evaluate in real time the acquisition of the skills of your learners



Trades discovery module

Fully free, VIRTUAL INDUS Discovery is dedicated to helping the youth discover different professions in the industry.



Founded in 2011, MIMBUS revolutionizes vocational training, by providing organizations with innovative tools allowing to train their workers faster, in a totally safe way and with lower costs. XRintelligence is the benelux distributor and integrator of the Mimbus Virtual Indus and the Mimbus Virtual Construct .