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XRintelligence is a high-performing developer and integrator of immersive solutions.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality (VR), which offers an experience that is fully immersive. Here, the user effectively blanks out the real world and enters a computer-simulated environment – typically using a special headset or glasses.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR), which blends the real world and the digital world by overlaying digital objects or information onto the real world. (Think of the addictive Pokémon GO game, where players could “see” Pokémon characters on the street, and you get the idea.) AR doesn’t require specialist equipment – a simple smartphone with a camera will do.

Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed reality (MR), which sits somewhere in between the two to create a hybrid reality, where digital and real-life objects can interact with each other. So, for example, the user can move or manipulate virtual elements as if they were right in front of them. This differs from AR, where the user can’t interact with the objects or information being overlayed.

Why extended reality [XR] means business

By providing end to end turnkey XR solutions that support your business needs from inception to completion, XRintelligence enable your organisation to gain a competitive advantage today and tomorrow. 

Design and engineering

● Reduced complexity of operations.
● Reduced costs.
● Time saved.
● Reduced travel and carbon emissions.
● Improved sustainability.
● Improved remote collaboration.
● More efficient and effective remote assistance.
● Decreased number of accidents.
● Decreased accident-related costs
● Faster speed to market.
● Reduced time-cost of creating prototypes.
● Greater alignment of design vision.

Learning and development

● Faster training.
● Improved learner confidence.
● Improved learner focus.
● Improved retention of information.
● Increased emotional engagement.
● Reduced reliance on human trainers.
● Greater cost efficiencies in deployment.
● Reduced upkeep of physical training locations.
● Increased portability of training.
● Less disruption to operations for on-site training.
● Improved learner insight through unique data.
● Deliver high-risk training safely and effectively.
● Improved company culture.

Marketing and advertising

● New revenue channels.
● Improved customer engagement.
● Beter understanding of consumer behaviours.
● Personalising content using AI with AR filters.

A new sales avenue

Both VR and AR can help build a more intimate connection between products and customers

● AR can enable customers to digitally ‘try on’ personal items.
● AR can help showcase products in the customer’s environment.
● VR can be used to immerse customers in an environment to aid in a
product’s sale.

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H(X)R evolution

VR represents a balanced learning solution that gives you the best of all worlds as it is:

● reasonably priced compared with classroom training at scale;
● more effective than e-learning in many cases, especially for training on
practical and soft skills;
● accessible to users around the world more easily than classroom training;
● more flexible than classroom training as it is available on demand.

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Consider the alternatives to XR for visualizing a new design concept 

Oral or textual communication: physically speaking or writing
descriptively about the design.
● 2D plans: hand-drawn, printed or digital technical drawings.
● 3D visualizations: hand-drawn, printed or digital concepts of what the
end result would look like from a user’s perspective, such as architectural
● Physically redesigned environment: effectively, building the concept


The Art of Immersion

The Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality (AR / VR) center of expertise of XRintelligence has been designing and developing for more than 15 years, 3D simulation systems, virtual reality applications, multimedia content enhancement applications for our customers on fixed and mobile platforms in a wide variety of environments.

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