PIXO apex™

The Art of Immersion

Pixo VR Training Content Library

Manage any XR content easily and securely with a single smart system. Whether it’s your content, our content, or content developed by third parties.

Organization and user management

With the PIXO Apex Control Center™, create your organization’s structure and securely distribute Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality content across one or more enterprises.

Cross-platform support for HMDs

Distribute VR, AR, or MR content to a wide variety of the most popular standalone or tethered XR devices, including those from bestselling brands like Oculus, Pico, HTC, and HP.

In-depth data analytics

Give your organization or your organization’s clients the power to collect, sort, and view in-depth, SCORM-compliant data with a simple, easy-to-use, custom dashboard.

PIXO Apex Hub App™

With the PIXO Apex Hub App™, download VR, AR, or MR content directly on all the best-selling XR hardware.

No sideloading. No hassle. Just better experiences.

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