Hazard Recognition

The Art of Immersion

Create a culture of safety in your workplace.

Workplace safety is everybody’s job.

Creating a culture of safety requires every employee to be knowledgeable, alert, and engaged. In PIXO VR Hazard Recognition, trainees are challenged to explore photo-realistic 3D work spaces to identify and correct literally millions of randomized potential safety hazards. Turn mistakes into learning opportunities in a risk-free virtual environment with real-time scoring and analytics.

Improve team collaboration with multi-user VR.

Train up to dozens of employees at one time in the same virtual environment — from any endpoint in the world — allowing them to explore, interact, speak, collaborate and even compete with one another using our groundbreaking multi-user functionality. Safety and efficiency aren’t mutually exclusive ideas.

Gain visibility and insight with real-time scoring.

Give trainees immediate, actionable feedback with in-depth scoring provided in real-time. Simultaneously, provide trainers and training managers with unprecedented clarity into what employees know — and what they need to work on before somebody gets hurt. Create accountability with a data-driven approach.

Core Learning Objectives

PIXO VR Fall Protection takes fall hazard training out of theory and brings it into vivid practice with three critical, hands-on, challenges for trainees:

Properly don Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Whether you’re in our Warehouse or Chemical Storage environment, Job #1 is to gear up with the appropriate PPE — and ensure co-workers are doing the same.

Identify and correct potential hazards

After properly donning your PPE, find and recommend corrective actions for potentially millions of randomized hazards, from improperly stored HazMat to defective scaffolding.

Review real-time performance in Scoring Mode

In Scoring Mode, you’ll be graded on your ability to correctly isolate and fix hazards from a variety of possible options, with scoring that reflects correct, partially correct, and incorrect responses.